UPDATE on 28 November 2014
Appeal dismissed

The Local Review Body (LRB) agreed to uphold the planning department's decision on APP/2013/2279 and REFUSE planning permission for two 99.5m turbines near Blackhills Farm. The LRB was unanimous in its view that the reason for refusal given by the planning officer was correct.

The reason for refusal is that "The proposed development is contrary to Policy 12: Landscape Conservation and SG Landscape 1: Landscape Character, as contained in Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2012 in that by virtue of its height and location the development would have an adverse impact on the overall composition and quality of the landscape character."

There have been four planning applications to erect turbines on this site. The first two were withdrawn owing to inaccuracies and lack of information. The third application was refused. The fourth was also refused but appealed. The outcome of this appeal is also refusal.

338 representations were submitted for the fourth application, only 2 of which were in support of the development.There were 83 representations to the appeal. This is a clear signal of the intensity of feeling generated against turbines in this area.

It should now be apparent to Lord Nicol Stephen, his agent Green Cat Renewables and the landowner that the planning authority and councillors have made it clear that turbines will not be erected in this area.

Stop Turbines in Cushnie would like to thank everyone who took the time to voice their objection. This undoubtedly had a significant impact on the outcome. It is a great result for everyone who has an interest in preserving the landscape in this part of Aberdeenshire for the enjoyment of all.



STiC will continue to campaign against wind turbine applications in Cushnie as long as these proposed developments:
  • compromise the Landscape and Visual Impact of our beautiful landscape
  • compromise the Amenity and Recreational activities of residents and visitors to Cushnie
  • compromise the Health and Safety of the residents and visitors
  • discourage visitors
  • fail to ensure turbine technology operates efficiently within the location and environmental and cumulative impacts are satisfactorily addressed in accordance with the Scottish Planning Policy
  • fail to secure support from our local communities
  • do not safeguard ecology, community or the historic environments.