What can you do?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and each person should write an individual letter or submit a response by email to the Aberdeenshire Council before the deadline of 29th August 2013.

Each letter will be counted as one objection so it is important that everyone’s voice is heard.

Any individual, including younger members of the family, can send an objection. Every member of the household should send in a letter of their own. This includes young people wishing to express their opinion. If necessary, they can dictate the letter which an adult can write out for them to sign.

You can also spread the word about the proposed development and ask friends, colleagues and relations to write in with their objections to the scheme.  If you know of people without internet access who might wish to object, please provide them with a copy of the 'How to Object' page and any other information they might require.

Send your comments and objections to Aberdeenshire Council by 5pm on the 29th August 2013.